“Jill Massie has been my dialect coach on many movies for the majority of my career. She is reliable, competent and does spectacular research. She always brings a good selection of vocal choices for the character after reading the script and discussing the character based not only on the geographical area but the travels, education and emotional background and age (ing) of each. She brings a sampling to choose from and a good working flow of language range to work with. She is available and good humored and has a strong moral compass. She gets along with every kind and type of director and does not ever interfere in the creative process in a way that offends any other person who feels that they have the supervisory position. She has become an asset and a generous extra help to fellow artists on several productions. 
I am proud to call her my friend”.
Sharon Stone, Actress


“There are two words that come to mind when thinking about Jill Massie: A PRO. Jill hones in right away in your diction/articulation coaching needs, and she customizes her sessions to your individual needs. When you have someone that doesn’t need to ask you a gazillion questions to know what you need, and still offers you coaching options, you know you are working with A PRO. And since Jill is also an actor, she understands ‘the actor talk’. Finally, Jill embraces technology, and her Skype sessions are as fun and effective as having her in the room next to you. CALL JILL NOW! You’ll be soooo glad you did!”.
Diana Holland, Actress
Screen, Stage, VoiceTranslator – Spanish/English


“In the past I had actually resolved myself to the fact that I was so bad at accents and dialects that it would limit my acting work; however I can confidently say that after working with Jill Massie that that is a thing of the past.

What makes Jill so special is not just that she understands fully the dialect she is teaching you but she also makes it her job to understand how you work as an individual. Then she helps you identify the personal obstacles that you need to overcome to be successful. Even when she is addressing and working with an entire cast it is never blanket classwork, she applies herself with a passion for performance and works so expertly with Directors and MD’s making sure she delivers what is required by everyone involved.

I had to master a Dublin accent and as the only English member of an otherwise American cast. It was clear that vocally I needed to approach the accent from a different direction to the rest of our company. Jill went out of her way to give me the extra help and tuition I needed and very importantly she helped me quickly overcome my fear of accents. I can remember how genuinely excited she would be when something would really click into place and become natural or if I would make an observation which would be on the correct lines. I knew she was there right up to the end of our run giving support and helping keep me on the right track.

The sign of an excellent teacher is one who makes hard work seem not only fun but a challenge you really want to master. Jill does this and more, she approaches her work with true heart and It is without question I will always go to her first if ever I have to work on a dialect or accent again.”
Dominic McChesney, Good People Theatre Company
A Man Of No Importance, 2013


“Jill Massie makes the rough places smooth and the winding road a simple path to follow when it comes to dialect coaching. I worked with Jill recently on a British dialect for a role in a major network pilot. Her coaching was practical, embracing my strengths and providing a phonetic baseline for my lines. That phonetic baseline visually gave me the auditory boost needed on the set where things move fast and the actor must be spot on. I felt a confidence stepping into the role that made all the difference in providing an authentic delivery even when asked to improvise some additional lines while filming. Jill graces her work with skill, kindness and an actor’s intuition. I’ll be calling her again without a doubt”.
Susan Carol Davis, Actress
Screen and StageIndependent Film Producer